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Education Support Projects

Education is fundamental to the development and progress of society. Therefore, we strive for equal opportunity and access to education. Within the scope of education support projects, we provide support in areas such as educational materials, scholarships and school needs.

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Health Services

Health is a fundamental requirement to improve people's quality of life. That is why we run outreach projects to promote equity and quality in access to healthcare. We provide support in areas such as health screenings, vaccination campaigns and the provision of health equipment.

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Environmental Awareness and Sustainability

Protecting nature and promoting environmentally friendly practices are important for leaving a more livable world to future generations. For this reason, we support social aid projects in the field of environmental awareness and sustainability. We contribute to projects such as nature cleaning, tree planting and recycling.

About Us

Yasam Ayavefe Social Assistance: Architect of Social Change Social assistance is an important tool for reaching out to various segments of society, supporting those in need and ensuring social justice. As Yasam Ayavefe, we are aware of our social responsibility and we carry out various social assistance projects with this awareness.

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yasam Ayavefe's social aid activities reflect a sensitive approach to society and the environment.